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As part of Gemini's Innovative Caring approach, our Customer Services collectively form a unique new channel-service model for doing business. Working closely with our customers, Gemini has created a caring services network - founded on the principle of global infrastructure, local care - to ensure that customers can rely on real-time service. Gemini Services have already been successfully deployed in diverse settings, including the financial, telecom, electricity broads,Internet service provider,railways,large enterprises, retail and healthcare industries.


For the future, Gemini will continue to adhere to the concept of Innovative Caring, leveraging our vast experience in design and service to integrate Lan, Wan, Wireless, CTI, Security products. Our global partnerships and visionary e-Enabling Services business concept will empower Gemini to maintain its leadership in the IT industry.


Gemini Customer Service has a history of more than 14 years. The Company has always been at the forefront in pursuing "Original & High Level" technology solutions to create solutions and services that contribute to the development of information infrastructure and the realization of a safe, secure and comfortable society.


Today, dramatic changes are taking place around the world, symbolized with advanced functions, the diffusion of technology, and the convergence of wireless and communications.


The field of information and communications, Gemini's area of expertise, requires new measurement technologies and new ways to solve problems.


Gemini is now introducing an intelligent solution creator "Client services Group"." We are deploying our many years of experience in working closely with customers to create innovative solutions that increase customer value and create new demand. We are further expanding this effort by taking the customer's perspective in the timely supply of products and services that increase value for customers.


We do this by working closely with our customers to understand their needs, and using original & high level technologies, we provide not only the right solution, but the long term commitment and relationship to ensure our customers needs are fulfilled - for life.


With the world becoming a single market, our customers are taking a global approach to business to operating in specific regions. Gemini's CSG therefore aims to be a truly global company that can provide consistent support to its customers anywhere in the world. Gemini will be a driving force in the emergence of the global ubiquitous network society, and will thus contribute to the realization of a safe, secure and prosperous society.


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