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Investor FAQs

Corporate Information

1) What is Gemini's area of operations?

Gemini Communication Ltd provides System Integration solutions and services with high-end offerings in Telecom, IT and technology infrastructure enabling services besides offering energy services using renewable forms of energy.


Gemini is also a leader in niche market segments of Wimax and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), being the only manufacturer of these products in India. .


Gemini serves various verticals such as education, banking & financial services, insurance, government, health care, IT/ITeS, call centers/BPOs/KPOs/SDCs, and various other service providers like cable operators, mobile operators, and wireless carriers.


2) What is the employee strength of the Gemini Group?
Gemini has over 2300 employees working in over 194 locations across India.


3) What is the address of Gemini's registered office?

#1, Dr. Ranga Road, Alwarpet, Chennai – 600018.

Tel: +91-044-24660570 / 71


4) What is Gemini's 5 year revenue and profit CAGR?
5-Year CAGR for Revenue is 33% and 5-Year CAGR for Net Profit is 41%


5) What is Gemini's consolidated revenue and profits for the recently concluded quarter or the last 12 months? (After Results)
(As per Indian GAAP) (Rs. Millions)
Q4 FY11 Total Income 2381
Q4 FY 11 Net Profits 157.5
FY11 Total Income 5285.7
FY11 Net profits 645.1

Equity shares information

1) Where and which year was Gemini incorporated?
The journey started in 1991 as Gemini Hi Tech, which was later taken over by Gemini Communication. Gemini Communication was incorporated as Gemini Communication Ltd in 1995. In 1996, Gemini Communication Ltd was also listed on Chennai and Delhi Stock Exchanges.


2) On which stock exchanges are shares of Gemini traded?

Gemini's equity shares are traded on Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE) (Company Code: .532318), National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE), (Company Code: Gemini Eq) and Madras Stock Exchange Limited (Company code: GNC)


Gemini has also issued Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds which are traded on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, Luxembourg.


3) Who is Gemini's registered share transfer agent and how does a registered stockholder contact the transfer agent for account information?

M/s.Integrated Enterprises India Ltd

Unit: Gemini Communication Ltd

2nd Floor, "Kences Towers"

#1, Ramakrishna Street,

T.Nagar, Chennai – 600 017.

Phone : 044- 28140801 Fax : 044 -28142479


4) Does Gemini Pay Dividends? What is the dividend policy of Gemini?

Gemini has issued dividends for the last 10 consecutive years. Dividends are declared at the Annual General Meeting of the shareholders based on the recommendation by the Board. The Board may recommend dividends, at its discretion, to be paid to our members. The members can reduce the rate of dividend in their general body meeting if they deem fit. However, they cannot increase the rate of Dividend due to a specific mention in Companies Act.


The Board may also declare interim dividends. Generally, the factors that may be considered by the Board before making any recommendations for the dividend include, but are not limited to, future capital expenditure plans, profits earned during the financial year, cost of raising funds from alternate sources, cash flow position and applicable taxes including tax on dividend.


Dividends shall be paid within 30 Days of Declaration. For any delay in payment of dividend, the company shall pay interest as mentioned in the Act. To facilitate timely payment of dividend the company shall transfer within 5 working days the amount of dividend to a separate bank account from which the dividend cheques/warrants would be dispatched. The Companies Act, 1956, contains provisions, which governs the procedure for declaration and payment of dividend, the same would be complied as a matter of Corporate Dividend Policy.


5) What is the percentage breakdown of shareholders?
Promoters 40.70%
Institutional 10.08%
Public and non institutional 49.22%


Investor Calendar

1) When does Gemini announce its annual results?
Gemini Communication announces Unadited Results for the Full Year by May and the Audited Results for the Full year by Sep.


2) When is the AGM held?
AGM is normally held in the month of Sep.


3) Does the company organize investor/analyst days?
Yes. These will be intimated from time to time.

IR contacts

Primary Contact

Mr. Pradhyumna.T.Venkat

CEO - Gemini Traze, Energy & Utilies, Chief IR Officer

Phone: 044 - 24660571

Email: ir@gcl.in



Share Transfer Agents

M/s.Integrated Enterprises India Ltd

Unit: Gemini Communication Ltd

2nd Floor, “Kences Towers”

#1, Ramakrishna Street,

T.Nagar, Chennai – 600 017.

Phone : 044- 28140801 Fax : 044 -28142479



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