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Gemini Communication Ltd group of companies head-quartered in Chennai, India has revenue of $77.66 Million for the year 2009-2010 , with focus in the areas of Networking Solutions (Wireline, Wireless), Network Supervision Solutions, end-to-end IT Security Solutions and Storage Solutions. The group has forged strong channels ventures alliances with leading international companies like Computer Associates, Radware, Fortigate, Hitachi and other groups. Gemini has consolidated its status as one of the fastest growing business houses in India. Today Gemini Group is firmly rooted in India , and is expanding to the other parts of the world.


About Gemini:
Gemini Hi-Tech was set up as a partnership company in 1991 to manufacture monochrome monitors. In 1995, Gemini Communication Ltd. took over Gemini hi-Tech Co. with an objective to provide IT solutions in the then emerging markets. Gemini has matured over the years and has established a brand for itself in the field of networking(wired/wireless), security, services and solutions. The group has grown consistently through its decisive and visionary response to changing times. Gemini Communication Ltd., today offers a wide spectrum of networking, services and security solutions. The company's product portfolio includes solutions for networking, security, storage, supervision and IT services. Gemini's solutions are centered on IT Infrastructure and management and carry the message of Innovation and Leadership. The services portfolio is broadly organized into CSG, BSG, IBG, IIG, ECG & TSG. CSG spans out into, Infrastructure


Innovation and Leadership:
Gemini had a dream. The dream of connecting computers, organization and technology that would touch and transform the lives of customers by giving them a mode of transport that was efficient, and comfortable. To that extend, Gemini recognizes and nurtures “innovative solutions” as part of our Gemini’s core values. Gemini strongly belives in human values and encourages creation of “inhouse champions” to lead various business segments and introduce new business initiatives. Gemini’s purpose of Innovation is to create higher value for customers. This continuous thought has opened up new partnering initiatives with technology companies to bring an excellent value to customers. Gemini today serves customers with a wide spectrum of services fuelled by the power of innovation and nurturing of leadership abilities. Behind the success of Gemini, is the saga of team-work.


Gemini’s Commitment:
Gemini values its relationship with customers. Gemini is constantly working towards consolidating its position in the market place. The company believes that evolving IT profile of India, increasing urbanization and the empowerment of rural India will add millions of new families to the economic mainstream with increasing connectivity, storage and high levels of security. This would provide the growth ballast that would sustain Gemini in the years to come. In the new millennium, Gemini stands committed to innovation, to change, and to achieving breakthroughs to moving forward in the new century, while retaining the values that have been like a beacon in this journey thus far.


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